Research Consultancy Firms in Kenya


There are a quite number of research consultancy firms in Kenya. This article is specifically confined to firms carrying out market, social, and applied research within Kenya. Almost all firms offering research and consultancy services are duly registered by the registrar of companies. Offering of research services requires some level of professionalism and ethical conduct from the research firms. Failure to observe these important practices may leave the company in a state of non-performance in regard to its business.
It is important for you to know that several research firms in Kenya conduct market research solely to gather information about the customers and the competition in a particular area, for purposes of establishing a new business, and expanding an existing business. To get information regarding the status of the competition and market needs, research consultancy firms collect and analyze data in order to make informed decisions. If you are looking for the best market research firm in Kenya, then Norim Research should be your ultimate choice. The firm uses the following data collection techniques to achieve its objectives. These are: computer-aided telephone interviews, mobile assisted interviews, online surveys, and mystery shopping.
Do you know why research firms conduct social research? One of the main reasons for carrying out this type of research is to gather insight so as to design suitable products and services for people. Social research may be done through qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative method is achieved via interviews, observations, and focused group discussions. On the other hand, quantitative method is done through the statistical analysis of data collected by surveys or questionnaires. Research consultancy firms in Kenya choose the type of research depending on either their needs or on their clients’ requirements.
Does your company have a specific problem which needs to be addressed? Norim Research is one of the research firms in Kenya which offers applied research services. For your information, applied research is intended to find an immediate solution to the problem facing a business organization. For instance, a study to find out the causes of a high employee turnover in a particular company is a good example. You should know that unlike other types of research, the findings of applied research can’t be generalized since they are confined to a particular research problem of a given organization.


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