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Selecting a research topic is not something easy especially if you don’t know how to go about it. Topic selection is actually a complex part of the research process and it calls for a lot of keenness. Where do you start? Your starting point should be from the idea given by your lecturer. If there is no particular idea given to you, you can start by reviewing the previous research papers in the library to identify the gaps in the literature. This will reveal to you what has not been studied. Before selecting any topic, it vital to know how your final research project would look like. How do you get ideas for your topic? Ideas for your topic may originate from different sources which include current social controversy, stories in the news, your personal issues or problems, and any area of your interest.
What are you supposed to do once you have identified the topic? Once you get your topic, it is important you start searching for the information about it in order to understand it. You may get this information from an encyclopedia, internet search engines, and online databases. What are the qualities of a good research topic? The topic you select must be simple, interesting, and relevant to your research purpose. You should ensure that the topic you select in manageable, it should neither be too narrow nor too broad. Too narrow topics will mean that there is little to research on, and too broad topics will challenge you on where to start and where to end. Ensure that you have prior knowledge on the topic you select and that there are sufficient resources where you would research the information from. These resources include books, journal articles, and magazine articles.
Wondering which steps to follow to arrive at a good research topic? Worry no more! The following procedures will help you get your preferred research topic.
• Make a list of keywords or phrases that represent your idea
• Identify the phrases/keywords which are measurable
• Select themes for your research
• Establish which theme causes the other
• Come up with the dependent and the independent variables
• Research information regarding your topic in articles databases and in search engines. Find enough information that will help you answer your research question
• Write your research topic as a thesis statement
Why do you think some topics are rejected? The answer is very simple. A topic is rejected because it has either been done or because there is a lot of information available about it. In case you want to be assisted with the selection of your research topic, please contact
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