Research Areas

Market Research:
We help you to gather information regarding the size of the market, consumers’ needs, and the extent of the competition. We conduct market research using either the primary or secondary approach. Under the primary research, we strive to collect firsthand information in regard to your market by using surveys, focus groups, phone interviews and any other method that is suitable for data collection. For the secondary research, we collect data from already existing records which include public sources (e.g. government statistics), commercial sources (e.g. market reports), and internal sources (your company’s in-house data e.g. average revenue, customer retention rates etc.). We trust that our professional research services will help you make informed decisions regarding opening a business in a new place, handling your competitors, and improving your innovativeness.
Social Research:
We employ both qualitative and quantitative approaches to carrying out social research. For the quantitative approach, we strive to understand the social phenomena by using numerical or quantifiable evidence, and we also make use of statistical analysis to arrive at a valid claim. We also use the qualitative approach to find out about social phenomena. Under this approach (qualitative), we collect data using observations, interviews and focus group discussions.
Applied Research:
We apply this research in order to find a solution for an immediate problem facing your organization or to exploit an opportunity for the growth of your institution. First, we familiarize ourselves with the problem affecting your organization or the opportunity which you are yet to exploit. After understanding the problem or the opportunity underlying the research, we then define the research goals for your project. We collect data using the following methods: survey, observation, focus group, and interview. We analyze both qualitative and quantitative data to come up with meaningful information for you. We finally draw practical recommendations for you based on the analysis of the research findings.

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