Our Research Services

Research Proposals
We are experts in writing unique and original research proposals for your projects. We do an in-depth literature review and write quality proposals which will ensure that your research questions are adequately answered. We professionally come up with an effective research methodology based on whether your research approach is qualitative, quantitative, or mixed (both qualitative & quantitative). As a rule of the thumb, we always justify the choice of the research approach we use. We, therefore, believe that our proposals will help you achieve your research objectives.
Data Collection Services:
We always observe accuracy and accuracy in data collection to enhance research integrity. All the data collection instruments (e.g. questionnaires, interview guides etc.) pass through quality assurance checks to ensure that they are reliable and valid before data is actually collected. We are capable of collecting both primary and secondary data within your specified time frame. We collect data using the following methods: questionnaires, observations, personal interviews and focus group discussions.
Data Analysis:
We analyze data either qualitatively or quantitatively. In case of qualitative research, before we analyze data, we identify common patterns within the responses and then we critically analyze them in order to achieve research objectives. Some of the methods we use to analyze qualitative data are content analysis, narrative analysis, discourse analysis, and grounded theory. Quantitative analysis entails the use of both descriptive and inferential statistics. For descriptive statistics, we use means, mode, median and standard deviation to give a summary of data from a particular sample. As for inferential statistics, we make use of a random sample of data to make inferences or generalizations to the population. Some of the inferential statistics we normally use include correlation, regression, and analysis of variance.

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